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Cascade appoints internal account manager

Cascade has appointed Michelle Mannion as its internal account manager.


The company states that it is a new position designed to ensure its 800 customers have access to the support they need, when they most need it.


Supporting Cascade’s existing team of eight account managers, Mannion will provide a constant office presence whilst her colleagues are out visiting other customers. She will also help coordinate the provision of fresh client services, including free introductory system training for customers’ new HR and payroll starters. The workshops – which will be hosted at Cascade’s state-of-the-art head office in Leeds – will prevent skills gaps from forming in clients’ HR and payroll teams when employees move on to new roles.


Cascade’s client services director, Heather Vitty, said, “Having been with the company for almost seven years, Michelle was the perfect candidate for this newly-created position. She knows Cascade inside out, is extremely personable and is used to answering questions ‘on the hop’.


“She is by no means replacing an existing account manager – she’s augmenting the services that the account management team provides. She is an extra office-based resource and a trusted point of contact to talk about clients’ evolving requirements, when their account managers are unavailable. She feeds all information back, ensuring the right next step action is taken by the right person at the right time.


“We are known for being a progressive company, constantly looking at ways to evolve and improve. So, we spoke to our clients and learned that some seek an account manager who is always available. We cannot avoid the fact that they will occasionally be in customer meetings – that’s the very purpose of their role – but we could add extra resource to the team to ensure clients’ requirements are met. So we have!”



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