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Digital brand key to retail’s future prosperity

Figures released today reveal that overall non-food online sales were up 11.2% in July, in comparison to the previous month. There is a pattern of older retailers such as BHS struggling in the current environment, with many slowly declining as they fail to gain traction within the digital sales avenue, Arrows Group Global has said.

The importance of having a high-end digital platform has never been greater, with use of digital platforms now widespread across all demographics, with a reported 69% of 55 to 64 year olds purchased goods online in 2015.

The amount of men shopping online increased by 25% in 2008 to a total of 77% in 2015, whilst amongst women the figures saw a 26% rise to 75%. Offering an attractive and frictionless online customer experience is vital to secure brand loyalty. Arrows Group Global states that retailers need to attract the best digital talent to be able to create an innovative offering that works across all potential consumers, so it is crucial that they have the employee value branding that will enable them to secure and retain the best personnel.

James Parsons, CEO & founder of Arrows Group Global, commented, “Creating a digital presence is not just an optional extra; it is essential for long term survivability.

“The difficulty for retailers is that their digital offering is entirely dependent on the talent available. Retailers need an innovative culture that creates an environment that will bring about the most effective solutions, as it is difficult for those without the expertise to be able to maximise the benefits of digital. Individuals are now more aware than ever become, and they come to the job market with a consumer mask on. They know the brands that are doing exciting things, and it can be difficult to shift this perception, with this being even more evident with retailers.

“Retailers are having to compete for digital talent against some of the most famous technology companies in the world, each launching the latest high-tech solutions every year. The financial industry has been able to increase its attractiveness to digital talent, particularly with fintech innovations, but that appeal is still elusive for the vast majority of high-street retailers.”

Attracting the talent you want to recruit is cited by 80% of businesses as the main reason for investing in employer branding, with 41% wanting to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Parsons added, “There are several positive steps that retailers can take to improve their employer brand. First and foremost is it vital that retailers understand the talent market’s perception of their brand, particularly in relation to competitors. Then retailers can begin to create a hiring proposition that positively targets and influences the desired talent. Maximising the employee value proposition is a vital part of any digital transformation process, as being able to attract suitable talent will give retailers the expertise they need to navigate the new realities of retailing.”

Picture source: Pixabay

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