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First Choice Software launches new software suite for recruiters

It has been one year since First Choice Software became part of Access Group and the company has now launched a new software suite for recruiters.


First Choice Software is well-known in the recruitment industry as the provider of RDB ProNet. This system has worked as a standalone CRM that streamlines the entire placement cycle and serves as a central hub for everything to do with assignments, contacts, candidates and clients.


Now, as a result of First Choice Software’s integration with Access Group, the company says that RDB ProNet can be integrated with a back-office Pay & Bill platform, so users don’t need to spend time collecting time sheets, billing and contract data. Instead, information feeds directly from RDB ProNet to generate invoices, timesheets and make payments at the push of a button.


Finally, First Choice Software states that all information generated within this process can be viewed in a customisable business intelligence tool in real time, displaying the KPIs that are important to your business and helping directors of recruitment agencies to make informed decisions.


Andrew Forster, head of the recruitment division at Access Group, said, “Recruitment agencies are starting to consolidate suppliers and rely on one single provider who can provide all their software needs – naturally reducing spend and saving time. By using one single provider to support all areas of their business, information only needs to be entered onto one single system – saving valuable time, money and streamlining processes across the agency.”


By integrating back and front office software, life becomes easier for recruiters and all those involved in back-office areas like payroll and finance, according to the company.


Forster added, “Consider the necessary but often resource-draining and frustrating work involved in timesheet administration and payroll.


The Access recruitment suite automates this process and improves the accuracy of repetitive admin tasks. In turn, staff are more efficient and can focus on more productive work.”


The amount of information generated during the recruitment, invoicing and payroll processes can provide valuable insights on how a recruitment agency functions. Access Group has developed a business intelligence tool that collects all this data and transforms it into actionable insights. Directors have visibility on recruitment metrics such as the number of registered applicants, interviews booked and placements made in real time through interactive dashboards.


This information can be broken down by consultant, client, area and many other dimensions. The data can be accessed 24/7, 365 days a year, giving directors the information that they need, to take better informed decisions and deliver a better recruitment service.




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