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IT jobs second-most difficult positions to fill, reveals IGLOO

To gain insight into career trends within the IT industry, IGLOO analysed job postings in various IT categories. Employment in IT is expected to grow by 12% between 2014 and 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The company wanted to see how this growth impacts salaries, job titles, and demand of IT and general skill sets.

Between March 2015 and March 2016, despite typical seasonal ebbs and flows, Information Technology job postings on increased 10%. Fueling this growth is an increased emphasis on cloud computing, the collection and storage of big data, and mobile computing are all vital factors, according to the BLS. As more companies focus on these three digital trends, the need to hire trained professionals to run and maintain them increases.

IT jobs are the second-most difficult position to fill among all industries (engineers are currently the hardest), according to SHRM’s 2014 Recruiting and Skills Gap Survey. Nearly seven in ten businesses report difficulty filling IT positions.

IGLOO says that the jobs are available, and because of the difficulty in finding qualified candidates, the salaries are among the highest paid in the United States, according to the 2015 Dice Tech Salary Survey (DTSS).

Based on listings, IT professionals earn an average of 13% more than people who work in education and 60% more than retail employees.

Overall, employees in the IT industry are among the highest paid in the nation. According to IGLOO’s data, software architects command the highest salaries on average, at $102,000 per year. This simply comes down to supply and demand. It’s incredibly difficult to find qualified candidates with the ability to create what’s needed as well as have the soft skills to work collaboratively within a company.

Software developers take the No. 2 spot, with an average salary of $95,000, followed by software engineers at $94,000.

On the bottom of the salary scale are technician jobs. Service technicians make the least, with an average annual wage of $31,000, but support technicians and help desk technicians follow closely.

According to the O’Reilly Software Development Salary Survey of more than 5,000 software engineers, developers, and other programming professionals, more experience clearly translates into higher pay. Employees command an average of $1,194 more for every year of experience.

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