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Over a third of professionals don’t use all their annual leave, finds Robert Walters

Research from the Robert Walters Career Lifestyle Survey has found that over a third of professionals did not take all of their annual leave last year.

Pressure to complete projects, or meet deadlines, was the most common motivation for doing so, with 30% of those who did not take all of their leave listing this as the reason. 

Colin Loth, managing director at Robert Walters, commented, “While completing business-critical projects is a high priority for employers, when staff forgo their leave this may ultimately lead to reduced productivity within the company.

“While projects will need to be completed, it is vital that employers provide the training and support necessary to help staff manage their workload and still use the leave they are entitled to.”

Fear of falling behind in their work was also a common reason for professionals not taking all of their annual leave (11%) and 9% attributed not taking all of their leave to feeling guilty at leaving their colleagues to take the strain while they were away.

Loth added, “Ensuring that staff are able to coordinate their leave effectively, and that workloads are kept manageable while members of the team are on leave, is vital.

“While a strong sense of loyalty among employees is positive, employers must be careful to ensure that this does not become a ‘double edged sword’, with staff becoming unwilling to allow themselves a break.

“By staggering annual leave between team members and distributing workloads fairly while staff are away, individual team members do not need to feel responsible for putting an undue burden on their colleagues.”

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