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When fishing for candidates, content is the best hook…

By Darren Clare, CEO of Stratton Craig


Despite Brexit, the recruitment sector in the UK is on the rise. In order to stay competitive, agencies must maintain a high candidate conversion rate, with ROI a crucial benchmark for client attraction. Naturally, increased demand for talent means candidates have more options to consider when deciding which recruiters to trust with their next move. 


So, how do you get their attention? 


Create a verbal identity for your company

Recruitment marketing is the most valuable strategy for connecting with candidates, but in a saturated market the focus needs to be on improving the chances of successful candidate engagement, not just on flooding every channel with job ads.


Content marketing is a powerful tool proven to enhance recruitment efforts. Savvy marketers have picked up on the trend, investing time and resource in the creation of effective content strategies to engage candidates. Creating a strong identity for your recruitment brand is a crucial step in building a reputation that will help you attract the right people for the right positions. 


Don’t just curate and create, win your candidates over

There is an increasing pressure placed on attracting talent, so recruiters must continue to rely on building and maintaining trusted relationships. Strong evidence that you or your company understands the industry in which you work can help your cause. Using content marketing to promote your own expertise is one method to consider to ensure you’re a trusted recruiter, Adecco is a great example of an agency that is actively producing content that inspires trust amongst jobseekers.


What works? Make the most of content and channels 

Once you’ve planned what content you should be creating, you need a channel strategy. As consumers, we pursue, find and engage with brands across a range of media. This is no different with candidates. Aside from traditional media, for example your website, blog or email, there’s almost limitless possibilities when it comes to using social media to increase your brand presence, and share your message. 


LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter continue to be the most effective channels in the social recruitment landscape, but there are specialist platforms, too. For example, in technical recruitment there are a number of platforms, such as GitHub and Stack Overflow, where IT talent can be found and therefore where recruiters should also have a presence. 


A multifaceted channel strategy means that as blog success fades, or as social media platforms come and go, you won’t be trapped in a singular, underperforming channel. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to repurpose your message for different media and appeal to a larger number of potential candidates on a long-term basis. 


For more information on content and channel strategies, as well as the creation of written content, you can visit the Stratton Craig website.


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