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10 reasons employer branding matters more than ever

Adam Seabrook, Betterteam

If you work in recruiting, you probably know that right now is a tough time to hire. It's taking longer than ever to fill positions, and HR managers are saying that they're having more and more trouble filling positions (see stats below).

Among the many solutions being offered to the talent shortage is employer branding. But is it worth your time? Here are 10 reasons why employer branding really matters now more than ever:

1. Bad employer reputations cost companies, on average, 10% more per hire than they'd pay if they had a good reputation. It adds up.

2. 50% of candidates wouldn't work for a company that had a bad reputation as an employer - even if offered more money.

3. Employers with positive brands spend less on recruiting and get twice as many applicants.

4. 50% of HR managers said they were having trouble filling positions in 2013. That number has since grown to 68%.

5. People trust what employees say about a company over brand ads, and employees are being heard on social media.

6. 76% of potential applicants check out employers on LinkedIn before applying.

7. 62% of potential applicants research employers on other social media as well.

8. 70% of HR managers say they'll use social media for employer branding, but only 33% have someone dedicated to the task.

9. HR is responsible for employer branding, according to 58% of HR managers, but...

10. CEOs are responsible for it, according to 60% of CEOs.

Want more insights into employer branding, and how it's changing? Check out the infographic from Betterteam below - it's got more stats, and tips from the experts.

We hope that helped put employer branding in perspective for you, and gave you some great ideas for how you can improve yours. If you're looking for help on getting the most out of your employer branding efforts, check out this great article on RI.

Find the original infographic here.

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