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Aperio Financial Solutions presents Kent recruitment directors forum

Aperio Financial Solutions is to present a Kent recruitment directors forum on Wednesday 12th October at Bridgewood Manor Hotel in Chatham. The event will focus on ‘protecting your business from leavers’. Guest speaker, Will Walsh, senior associate at RawlinsonButler LLP, will lead the session.

The seminar is an interactive session using case studies to bring the legal issues to life, presenting realistic scenarios you may have to deal with in your businesses and guiding you through the solutions on a legal, practical and commercial level.

Restrictive covenants

 Debunking the myth that restrictive covenants are not enforceable

 How do Courts actually interpret post-termination restrictions?

 What restrictions should you have to give your business the best protection?

 Top drafting tips to ensure that your restrictions are effective and valid.

 What legal action can you take, who do you take it against and how do you go about it?

 Identifying the hidden traps that can make restrictions invalid.

Protecting your confidential information and client lists

 How to protect your confidential information during employment

 The steps you can take to protect your confidential information after an employee leaves.

Social media

 How does the rise of social media affect restrictions and confidential information?

 Who do LinkedIn contacts belong to?

 Solutions to stop departing employees from taking your business contacts with them via social media

 To what extent are you allowed to monitor employees’ social media and private email accounts?

 Protecting your business against damage to reputation

The event is just £24 per person, including refreshments. TEAM members can attend for just £20.

To book your place, contact email or call 07990 574868.

Walsh worked for one of the top City law firms for eight years before relocating to leading regional firm Rawlison Butler. The firm has its head office in Crawley, West Sussex, and has other offices in Kings Hill, London and Horsham. He offers specialist expertise covering all areas of employment law, predominately working with corporate clients but also has the expertise to advise senior executives. 

Picture courtesy of Pixabay

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