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Are you missing out on potential candidates?

Rachel Bell, marketing executive at I-COM

Are you correctly utilising your social media profiles? Just having a profile doesn’t mean you’re using social media, you need to be active to see any return on your investment. It seems common sense but it’s not actually all that prevalent for recruitment agencies to utilise their social media profiles to develop their brand presence.

However, before you rush to social media to stick every job under the sun on there, just think first. You need to make sure you have a strategy in place or it could be of detriment to your brand.

Where should you start?

For your recruitment business account, make sure it’s only one or two people that have access to ensure consistency and to ultimately protect the messages that you are conveying.

Create some guidelines. What images should you be using and avoiding? Is there any terms of phrase you want to avoid? Who do you want to engage with? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when creating your strategy.

Make sure your profile page has all the relevant information, profile image, header image, bio content and link to website. People won’t trust your brand if your profile isn’t authentic. Authenticity gives your brand personality, which is vital in any market. But increasingly more so in recruitment as you are dealing with people, and the strength of that relationship and the trust between your recruitment business and your stakeholders is critical to your reputation.

You want the same tone of voice - but also you need an understanding of the key messages that you are communicating across the different channels and audiences. Write a plan for each channel, it’s not one size fits all with social media but a tailored, bespoke approach.

Professional vs personal

The distinction between your employees professional and personal social media accounts is a key element in your social media strategy.

You need to ensure that any of your employees that have links to your account, behave in a way that correctly reflects your business. Do they use swearing on their profile? If so, do you want this associated with your company? Either ensure that their profile is updated and all bad language is removed, or simply ask them to remove their job information from their profiles.

Your employees should be your biggest brand ambassadors, take advantage of it. Ensure that your employees differentiate between their work and personal accounts or arrange with them to use their personal accounts for work purposes too. They should be sharing all current jobs and news of your recruitment business through their social channels, widening the reach for your company.

What should you be sharing on social media?

Have you been in the press recently? Let people know! Wish a recently placed candidate the best on their first day, recent jobs, anything you think potential clients/candidates might find interesting, share.

Imagery captures people's attention a lot more than plain text. Find an image to go alongside your job or article, it’ll help reach a wider audience.

Competitor research

What are your competitors doing? Are they active on social media? Ensure that you know what your competitors are doing to enable you to be more flexible with your marketing. Simply review your competitors’ social channels every month when you review your own and then you will be able to determine your next month's activity.

You want to stand out from the crowd so always start by reviewing your competitors’ accounts. Do things differently. If you’re happy to step outside the box then do it, it’ll get you noticed above other recruitment businesses targeting your prospects.

Paid Social and where to start

Have you been struggling to fill a role? Have you thought about using paid social media to get the right candidate? It’s simple to work and you can get a really clever list of targets together using the social platform’s paid platforms. Whether you’re looking for a new consultant internally or your client is after someone in a niche role, you can reach a more targeted audience using paid social.

It’s not overly priced and you can view in app analytics to see how your ads are doing.

Reviewing social media

Also an in app tool, you can easily compare your social accounts activity year on year, month on month to ensure what you’re doing is working.

Adjust when you tweet and what you tweet so that you can review what's working for your recruitment and what isn’t.

Finally, make sure you track what you’re doing, otherwise, why do it? Each social media platform has analytics built in so have a play around to come to understand how each one works. Set targets each month and see what works and when, then build on this.

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