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Average sick pay for UK worker is 9% of typical salary

With the average pay-out for a week of sick leave across Europe (including Australia) sitting at £245, the UK's £35.96 pay-out is one of the lowest in Europe, according to

The average worker across Europe receives 65% of their salary as pay during a week of sick leave - in the UK, workers are paid less than 9% of their typical week's salary.

That increases to a slightly healthier 18% when you look at a month of sick leave, but the number is still far below the European average (70% of your typical wage across a month of sick leave).

Norway, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Belgium pay out 100% of a worker's wage during a week and month of sick leave, pushing them towards the top of the table when it comes to providing acceptable sick leave payments - Malta and Croatia also pay out 100%, despite their far lower average national wage.

Due to a combination of long 'waiting periods' and lower national wages, Ireland, Finland, the UK, Estonia and Slovakia are holding up the table, paying £51 and below for a week of sick leave. Finland and Ireland, in fact, pay out nothing for a week of sick leave, due to extended 'waiting periods'.

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