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Competitive salary makes the perfect job for UK’s workers, reveals Randstad

A Wall Street-type salary and benefits package, coupled with Fort Knox levels of job security come first and second when Brits picture the perfect job, according to a survey of 8,100 UK employees by Randstad.

22% of those polled in the survey valued a competitive salary and top-drawer benefits package more than anything else in the world of work. The only thing that got near it was long-term job security, which 16% of respondents named as their number one factor in the perfect job.

Work/life balance managed only third spot, with just 9% of the Brits polled putting it as their number one priority when picturing the perfect job. This only narrowly beat location, interesting work activity and pleasant atmosphere, which 8% of people ranked highest (see table below).

Top 10 qualities Brits look for in the ‘perfect job’:

Competitive Salary and Benefits


Long-Term Job Security


Work/Life Balance


Conveniently Located


Interesting Day-to-Day Work


Pleasant Working Atmosphere


Financially Healthy Employer


Flexible Working


Good Training


Career Progression


Regionally, while most areas of the UK considered a competitive salary and benefits package to be the most important factor when picturing the perfect job, people in Wales, the North East and Northern Ireland placed the most value on long-term job security.

There was a difference in opinion across age groups, too. For people aged 25-44 and 45-65, a competitive salary and benefits package was once again the most important factor in the perfect job.  For those aged 18-24, however, a pleasant atmosphere was deemed to be most important.

Mark Bull, UK CEO of Randstad, commented, “While work/life balance is increasingly important in today’s job market, for the vast majority of Brits a great pay and benefits package is still in pole position when they picture the perfect job. More people are actively targeting a better quality of life but at the same time it’s pretty clear that money still talks. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. The youngest UK employees are especially drawn to companies offering a pleasant working atmosphere, while people in Wales, the North East and Northern Ireland consider long-term job security to be the single most important part of the perfect job.

“Given the pace of technological change, the modern work environment is evolving rapidly, with employers placing more and more focus on flexible and remote working in order to retain and attract talent. But companies that want to remain attractive among existing and prospective employees need to remember that the basic principles of a good wage and job security are still valued more than anything else. The best employers instinctively understand how to strike the right balance.”

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