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Recruitment and the ‘Personality Problem’

Paul Sharpe, managing director at InterQuest

There’s a bit of an elephant in the room when it comes to hiring. It’s not a new problem, far from it - but maybe now it’s just becoming increasingly apparent. Yes, we can number crunch CVs and access reams of data through clever analytics tools to see who, on paper at least, would be the best person for the job. However, in the real world, away from the data, we’re left with a problem; 84% of terminations occur due to a lack of culture fit between the organisation and the employee. How do you square that circle?

If you’ve gone for a job recently you may have undergone some brief psychometric testing in the application process. This is an attempt to measure congruence - the fit between your personality and the organisation. It does go some way in quantifying what makes you tick, but as pretty much everyone will have experienced at some point in their working life - it’s far from fool proof. The persisting question is one of how to reliably address this problem and ensure that an employee and a company match on a deeper level.

Now, nobody is suggesting creating a Tinder for recruitment, but a company called Weavee have done the next best thing, although maybe is a better analogy for what this company means to job seekers. Their method involves using an algorithm to take into account a job seeker’s personality, ability and skills in a holistic way to match them to a job they are suited to on almost every level conceivable.

We’re living and working in the era of the skills gap. The rapidly evolving nature of technology is taking its toll upon business needs and leaves us in a situation where businesses of all sizes are struggling to find the right talent for their needs. This is especially pronounced for small businesses, where 47% say they cannot find the right quality candidate to fill their positions. When seen through the context of the personality problem it becomes clear that a new approach, with new technology like Weavee’s, is needed.

It’s somewhat fitting that a problem like the skills gap created by technology can also be solved by it...

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