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Share your fundraising story for our December issue Charity Champions feature!

Charity Champions feature
UK December 2016


There was once a time when recruitment agencies focused solely on their core businesses, but the nature of recruitment has changed significantly in the last 20 years and charity initiatives are now an integral part of the operations of recruitment agencies. We know that lots of you undertake exceedingly strenuous, generous and ultimately rewarding charity pledges in the workplace and in this feature we would like to highlight recruitment agencies that have made an outstanding contribution to a charity in 2016. Outstanding doesn’t have to mean the most money raised, it could be a charity challenge completed in difficult circumstances or a really unique initiative.


With this in mind we are asking agencies interested in contributing to this feature to pick one charity initiative they have completed this year and answer the below questions in 350 words or less and email back your answers to alongside a high res (300dpi) image (or more if you have a selection).


The deadline for contributions is 5pm on Monday 7th November.


Please note, we have a limited amount of space allocated to this feature and comments that do not adhere to the 350-word limit may not be included.


1. What charity initiative did your company undertake? (Please pick just one)


2. Which charity were you fundraising for?


3. What inspired your company to fundraise for this charity, what does it mean to your company?


4. How many staff took part in the challenge?


5. How much money did you raise/what did you donate to the charity?


6.  Is this a one-off fundraising project or an ongoing partnership?


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