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Venturi launches “Work Hard, Recharge” initiative

This month sees the launch of Venturi’s “Work Hard, Recharge” initiative in conjunction with Jason Pena & Mark Lynch of Workforce Fitness.


Venturi has recognised that while working hard is an essential part of the role of a recruitment consultant, it is also vitally important for its talent to have a work life balance and recharge. Having worked in recruitment for a number of years, Venturi’s directors know how notorious recruitment can be with its long hours, often in a stressful environment sat at a desk. They know all too well that it is easier to grab a quick snack (often not the healthiest) rather than to pick-up a piece of fruit.  With the hours that recruiters work it’s not always that easy for consultants to get home early in order to prepare healthy food in advance, go to the gym or just recharge. That’s why the initiative was created.


Venturi wanted to create a working environment that enables its talent to have the work-life balance that they truly deserve and ensure that they find time to recharge and enjoy the benefits they have reaped by working so hard.


Mark Lynch from Workforce Fitness, said, “Exercise has been proven to increase your energy, improve alertness, decrease your chances of becoming sick and can improve your ability to handle stress. All of these factors relate to the working environment and this is the aim of our programme. Ultimately we are trying to create a fitter, healthier more productive and profitable workforce at Venturi.”


The partnership will provide Venturi’s staff with a fully paid for, one to one personal training experience in addition to physical assessments, body composition testing, individual  goal tracking on an online portal, nutrition programmes, tailored fitness plans and a group boot camps.


Workforce Fitness is just one component of the “Work Hard, Recharge” initiative. In addition, Venturi provides its staff with free fruit in the office for a healthier snack alternative, extended lunch hours to enjoy their free local gym membership, health insurance to ensure faster treatment for any ailments, yoga classes to ensure staff learn how to positively deal with stress and learn exercises to focus on themselves, its own football team to promote collaborative team work whilst exercising, a break out zone in their office for people to get away from their computer screens and desks and three o’clock finishes every Friday so that its talent can go home after working so hard during the week and recharge.





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