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Alderbrooke to present at HR Tech Congress

Alderbrooke, the people analytics and executive search consultancy, will present at this week’s HR Technology Congress in Paris, discussing how organisations’ cultural measurement techniques are becoming increasingly scientific and behavioural focused. In particular, Hani Nabeel, Talent and Assessment Partner at Alderbrooke, will showcase CultureScope, a tool that analyses behaviour in order to measure, understand and improve a company’s culture.


As an example of the importance of behavioural measurement, Alderbrooke will highlight how comparing the culture of a firm against an individual is critical when hiring new recruits. In fact, a recent study identified that 46% of hires fail within 18 months and that an incredible 89% of this time it is down behaviour and culture.


Hani Nabeel, Talent and Assessment Partner at Alderbrooke, said, “It is important that businesses measure whether a new recruit is not just fit for the job, but is fit for the company. We work with one major business that has taken this philosophy to heart with remarkable success. It maintains a healthy culture by focusing purely on behaviour when interviewing a prospective employee. The firm takes this further by tying employee bonuses with good behaviours, such as mentoring new joiners, rather than being solely performance based. This is a blueprint any firm looking to address organisational culture should follow.


“More fundamentally, however, businesses must be able to assess and aggregate the singular behaviour of an employee. Not only so they understand how the individual behaves but also so they know how that individual believes the organisation behaves. This allows organisations to identify not only what culture they have but if it is likely to improve or decline.”



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