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Care sector in dire need of more people, says Clayton Recruitment

The care sector desperately needs more workers to fill crucial roles and protect quality of care, according to Clayton Recruitment.

An analysis by the recruiter found that a stark lack of candidates and in particular nurses, is the single biggest problem facing the care sector at present. This comes at a time when a recent report by the Care Quality Commission and the BBC revealed that care homes are closing at an alarming rate. The lack of professionals is compounding problems created by funding cuts and an ageing population.

Nursing division recruitment manager at Clayton Recruitment, Danielle Moore, commented, “The number of care homes closures is no doubt cause for concern, as are the ongoing funding cuts, but there’s no doubt in our minds that the single biggest issue facing the sector is the lack of nurses. Far more needs to be done to encourage young professionals to pursue a career in the care sector, and promote the fulfilling nature of the wide variety of roles on offer. Both the government and care providers themselves need to ensure that they effectively promote the benefits packages on offer and consider the value of providing subsidised training in order to access valuable pools of nursing talent.

“The sector has been suffering for some time now and if we don’t do something soon, it could be too late – which would be a disaster for the entire healthcare arena in this country. People are living longer and there’s a greater number of senior citizens in the UK that at any other time in history (sic). By 2025 there will be an additional 1.5m people aged 65 or over in England alone and with turnover in this sector considerably higher than many others, it’s highly concerning that nothing significant is being done to improve talent pipelines into the industry.”

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