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Search and review platform launches

Search and review platform has launched. The platform, an Australian-based start-up, is specifically focused on the recruitment industry. The site has already attracted interest from recruiters in the UK, the US and across Europe, as well as in Australia.


It enables your next client or candidate to easily search by location and industry to narrow down the list of recruiters that have knowledge of the industry and offer great service.


Research has shown social recruiting increases candidate quality by 49%, along with showing significant increases in employee referral quantity and quality by 32%. significantly increases recruitment brand awareness and builds the individual recruitment professionals visibility in a competitive market.


RecFinder says the platform has been designed with you and your clients in mind by using the latest user experience techniques. It scored 97% in Google testing for user experience. The design, the company says, solves two key issues recruitment professionals face today:


1. Recruiter trust: How do I know this recruiter is honest, will attend to my requirements and will provide the best candidates for my business? provides a fast, easy and accurate way to rate your recruiter and tell the world about the great experience you have had.


2. Finding a recruiter who specialises in your industry: To get the best results you need someone who knows your industry. Someone who has the skills and contacts to get you the role or the candidates for your business. solves this with our easy to navigate targeted search engine, you can quickly and accurately enter your location and industry narrowing the search to just the recruiters suitable for your next role or required candidate.


Knowing your market, providing quality feedback and getting the right candidates into the right roles builds trust and a memorable recruitment experience.


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