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University lecturer named as highest paying part-time job by Glassdoor

Glassdoor has identified the UK’s highest paying part-time jobs.

According to Glassdoor’s new report, university lecturer is the highest paying job if working part-time in the UK. This role could net an employee an annual salary of anything up to £36,513, which is more than triple the national average of £11,503 for part-time workers. Business analyst (#2) and research assistant (#3) make up the remaining top three spots receiving salaries of £28,800 and £21,370 respectively. According to the data, a part-time warehouse worker (#5) could earn more than a Private Tutor (#6), and a part-time beauty consultant (#8) more than both office assistants (#9) and front desk managers (#10).

This report was compiled by looking at total median, annual base salary for UK employees working part-time which have been anonymously shared on Glassdoor. While some of these jobs can be full-time or part-time, for the purposes of this report, we looked at salary reports from employees who reported their employment status as part-time only.

Which part-time jobs pay the most?

1. Lecturer

  • Median Part-Time Pay - £36,513

2. Business analyst

  • Median Part-Time Pay - £28,800

3. Research assistant

  • Median Part-Time Pay- £21,370

4. Teaching assistant

  • Median Part-Time Pay- £20,300

5. Warehouse worker

  • Median Part-Time Pay- £16,800

6. Tutor

  • Median Part-Time Pay- £16,500

7. Brand ambassador

  • Median Part-Time Pay- £15,020

8. Beauty consultant

  • Median Part-Time Pay- £15,000

9.  Office assistant

  • Median Part-Time Pay- £14,560

10. Front desk manager

  • Median part-time pay- £14,520

Popular jobs that didn’t make the top ten this year include restaurant manager with a median salary of £14,400, barista with a median salary of £13,600 and film crew member with a median salary of just £10,750.

Diarmuid Russell, Glassdoor head of international, said, “Part-time work can be a great way to give people the ability to combine work with time to enjoy other interests, whether it's to improve work-life balance, create more time for family or earn extra money whilst studying.

“Lecturers are often successful business people or entrepreneurs in their own right, brought in for specific experience in the world of business, politics and the arts. While not everyone has a track record in the private sector, there are opportunities to be had in the academic world for people with the right skills and background.”

PIcture courtesy of Pixabay

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