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63% of UK-based European workers have concerns about their future in a post-Brexit world, finds research

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of European employees based in the UK are having serious concerns about their future, post Brexit, with the same number of respondents revealing that their business leaders are unsure about the full impact of the UK’s decision to leave the EU on their organisation, according to research by Gatehouse.

A special edition of the annual State of the Sector research study, undertaken by internal communication and employee engagement agency Gatehouse, canvassed the views of over 250 employees to gauge their thoughts on the likely impact of Brexit on their organization, its employees and what the future holds for themselves.

In terms of personal impact, the biggest fear is that of economic uncertainty, identified as a pressing issue by over a quarter of respondents, while 16% think the job market will be impacted, meaning fewer business and job opportunities in the future. A similar proportion believe existing positions will be affected, citing an increase in workload as their primary concern.

Lee Smith, director of Gatehouse, commented, “Uncertainty has become the by-word for business in a post Brexit world and the results of our survey clearly demonstrate the need for organizations and their leaders to listen to and reassure their employees. 

“A workforce that is uncertain about its future can quickly become disengaged, which in turn can translate into poor business performance. To help avoid this vacuum of uncertainty, businesses need to ensure they have the right channels in place to identify and listen to employees’ concerns and have a clear plan for providing regular communication updates.”

The survey also revealed that there was more confidence around the impact Brexit will have on business strategy, with only 17% thinking their business strategy will become irrelevant post-Brexit, and a third declaring there is no risk of this happening at all. 

The full State of the Sector: Brexit Special report and infographics can be downloaded here.

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