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Right Management calls for more focus on outcomes and action in leadership development

ManpowerGroup's Right Management has called for organisations to adopt a new approach to developing exceptional leaders. This approach, driven by Content, Technology, Enhanced Experience and Action will support organisations to target investment to accelerate performance of those individuals who really make a difference.

Bram Lowsky, group EVP of the Americas at Right Management, commented, "Right Management's re-imagined approach provides the right blend of experience, dialogue and relevant content with technology to drive sustained behavior change.

"From our work with 30,000 clients worldwide, we know how individuals develop and grow within an organization. Our model enables us to work with an individual over time to improve individual and organizational capacity and importantly demonstrate a clear ROI."

With 40% of leaders feeling unprepared to meet the business issues they will face over the next three to five years, Right Management says this new approach to developing today's leaders comes at a critical time for employers. With the world of work becoming increasingly talent-centric, the ability to convert knowledge into action makes learning the key to individual and organisational success.

The new approach addresses uniqueness of learning style, drives individual performance and ultimately leads to improved business outcomes for organisations. Right Management works with clients to create a learning experience tailored to the unique needs of the leaders in their organisation. The approach includes:

  • Meaningful, accurate and reliable content. Using the latest thinking in micro-learning, the new content reflects critical topics for development.

  • Integrated technology. By introducing learning reinforcement technology, we ensure participants achieve maximum learning retention and sustained behavioral change.

  • Enhanced experience. Using action learning teams, simulations, one-on-one or team coaching, we're re-imagining the participant learning experience.

  • Action. Greater focus on driving business outcomes for both individual and organizational success.

Right Management's redefined approach to leader development follows the newly released P3 Leader Model (People. Purpose. Performance.)—Right Management's point of view on how to effectively identify, assess and develop the coachable capabilities required to drive performance in the Human Age.

Michael Bleadorn, Ph.D., vice president & North America practice lead at Right Management, commented, "It's not just about providing meaningful content for organizations to help develop leaders.

"It's also about developing a tailored and integrated approach which helps individuals enhance their skills as a leader to drive business outcomes and achieve results."

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