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SumTotal announces new features on its Talent Expansion Suite

SumTotal has announced new features and enhancements now available in the SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite. This includes the new SumTotal Onboarding module, as well as new features to arm managers with team visibility and empower employees to pursue and prepare for career mobility.

Michael Rochelle, chief strategy officer at Brandon Hall Group, said, “Our research indicates that organisations that have a dedicated onboarding solutions (sic) are more likely than their counterparts without an onboarding solution to see measurable improvements in business metrics, like revenue, customer retention and satisfaction, and employee engagement. Only 25% of organisations leverage a dedicated solution to support and speed new employees’ road to performance during onboarding.

“SumTotal is recognizing the opportunity this gap presents for innovative technology to be the driving force behind the shift from onboarding being an administrative function to strategic endeavor.”

SumTotal is re-imagining the onboarding experience to eliminate barriers to performance for new employees by unifying critical learning, talent, and HR processes to drive engagement and speed time to capability. As a new module within the SumTotal suite, it says that SumTotal Onboarding creates a personalised roadmap to success by connecting people to activities like learning recommendations, performance and development tasks, peers and mentors. In addition it also delivers visibility into progress and priorities for both individuals and managers.

Bill Donoghue, chairman and CEO of Skillsoft, commented, "Onboarding comes on the back of our hugely successful and innovative Talent Expansion Suite earlier this year, which leads the market in terms of user experience and individualized development. Our consumer led approach is focused on driving higher levels of engagement and addresses the transformation challenges which are uppermost in the minds of our customers and the industry.

“Onboarding and Career Mobility have become the watch words for helping to drive retention and attraction. This release is part of our ongoing development to address the pillars which resonate most with our clients - Compliance, Engagement & Transformation."

The company claims that the release of the SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite features capabilities that make it easier for every role in the organisation to contribute to measurable business outcomes, such as:

  • Equipping managers to be successful and drive team performance: The new My Team and Mini-Profile make it easier for managers to have real-time visibility into strengths, gaps, and priorities across their team and drill into the details of their direct reports to swiftly interact and take action to help managers effectively support and coach performance.

  • Engaging employees through career progression: Visibility into opportunities for career mobility is a proven measure for improving employee engagement and retention. SumTotal created Job Fit Analysis to empower people to identify roles within the organisation they’re interested in and understand their unique fit for the role. This new feature then removes the guesswork by identifying gaps and connecting employees seamlessly to the learning and content that will help them improve readiness. Additionally, Job Fit has been extended to SumTotal’s robust Enterprise Search to give employees instant visibility into open roles in the organisation, a visual indication of their fit and quick access to view details or apply. 

  • Creating a superior experience for the extended enterprise: An increasing number of organisations recognise the value of delivering learning beyond their own employees to drive brand consistency, customer satisfaction, and derive revenue from their learning investment. SumTotal partners with global enterprises to service their extended enterprise, and now we are making that experience even better for customers, partners, and vendors with industry-leading e-Commerce capabilities and usability.

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