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Brightwork invests in web portal for its candidates

Brightwork has invested £250,000 in developing a web portal which allows all its candidates, including over 2000 temporary workers, to have greater control over their employment.


The web-based portal, Brightwork Online, which went live in early September, around the company’s 10th anniversary, represents a significant strategic investment.


Brightwork Online allows candidates to monitor their worked hours and rates of remuneration, monitor all their payslips, and even sign contracts digitally with an integrated docu-sign system.


Alison French (pictured), divisional director at Brightwork, said, “The new web portal gives candidates so much more in terms of flexibility. If someone is working in a remote location, or can’t keep core business hours for whatever reason, our new approach opens up the world of recruitment to them.


“This means candidates can instantly access their financial affairs through a secure portal from anywhere, and without needing to wait for an appointment or contacting the finance department.


“The paperless approach significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the company, not to mention printing, mailing and storage costs. It also means candidates no longer have the same travel costs, and have secure servers, rather than needing to post personal details.”


Brightwork Online comprises two systems; a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool designed by Bond and a finance system, designed by RSM. These systems are fully integrated with Brightwork’s existing website.


The company is also keen to stress the savings for clients of its recruitment process. French added, “We provide large numbers of temporary staff to the Scottish government amongst many others, and spend is a constant concern.


“This system gives our clients on-demand information, and allows us to be more responsive to the needs of both the public and private sectors.”


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