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Disability and accessibility not prioritised when companies buy-in recruitment services, says BDF

Most businesses that buy-in recruitment services are not prioritising disability and accessibility when they do so, research by Business Disability Forum suggests.

The study, ‘Disability-smart approaches to engaging suppliers and partners’, conducted with 16 private and public sector organisations, revealed that 60% of organisations are buying in recruitment services and yet more than half of these arrangements do not build in a ‘disability-smart’ outcome.

Only one in four businesses were found to review contracts with third-party suppliers to ensure that they delivered on requirements for inclusion and accessibility. While less than two in five reported having discussions with these suppliers about how they approach disability outside of formal processes.

The recruitment industry was worth £31.5billion in the UK in 2014/15 with recruitment suppliers a front door for disabled talent into organisations.

BDF have recommended that businesses keep disability and accessibility at the forefront of arrangements with recruitment suppliers, encouraging them to sign up to the BDF Recruitment Charter and Service Provider Protocol sponsored by BDF Member Sopra Storia Recruitment. This helps encourage:

  • Talent attraction strategies that specifically welcome candidates with disabilities and health conditions
  • Accessible recruitment processes that are capable of flexing for individual candidates with specific adjustment requirements
  • Working with recruitment suppliers with good disability know-how

George Selvanera, strategy and external affairs director at BDF, said, “Disabled people account for one in five working age people, so recruitment processes not designed with disability in mind freeze out a huge pool of potential talent. This has reputational and legal risks too.

“As recruitment suppliers are the front-door for talent into organisations, it is crucial that arrangements involving recruitment suppliers prioritise inclusion and accessibility at every stage from talent attraction through job design and how recruitment processes are delivered.”

Picture courtesy of Pixabay

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