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Tech recruiters will stop caring about qualifications

While article 50 has not yet been triggered, the prospect of a post-Brexit Britain is exacerbating concerns about a shortage of skilled technology workers. At the same time, digital disruption and a growing interest in VR and AR mean that tech employees are in higher demand than ever, according to GitHub.

With this in mind, the company says that in 2017 employers and recruiters will place less emphasis on traditional qualifications such as A-levels and bachelor’s degrees. However, this will not impact their ability to hire the right people because open source project hosting hubs, are providing a new way for developers to learn from industry legends in addition to acting as a digital portfolio. They can showcase prospective employers a candidate’s skills and projects in a way simply not logged with traditional learning, allowing them to successfully match person to role.    

Employers under the old way of ‘degree-first’ thinking will be eliminating a vast array of talent — and with competition increasingly rife in the tech-space, can they really afford to take that gamble?

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