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Flexible working and work-life balance priorities for employees, reveals McGregor Boyall

Flexible working and a good work-life balance are the factors valued most by employees, yet are ranked down in fourth place for employers, according to the latest research from McGregor Boyall.


The 2017 Market Insights Report and Salary Guides highlight that a shortage of quality candidates continues to be a key concern for businesses, yet there is still a disparity between what companies see as key motivators for attracting top talent and what candidates say are the factors most likely to influence them when choosing a new role.


With 55% of candidates surveyed stating they are likely or very likely to be looking for a move in 2017, employers need to begin to address this disparity and find ways to offer candidates what they really want if they are going to attract and retain the top talent.


The report also highlights that we are yet to really see the impact of the Brexit vote, with 70% of employers surveyed stating they have seen little to no impact on their businesses so far, and 73% of candidates stating that the result will have no bearing on whether they change roles or not in 2017.


Laurie Boyall, Group CEO at McGregor Boyall, said, “With Article 50 yet to be triggered it will be a while before we see the true impact of the UK’s decision to leave the EU. In the meantime, market nervousness looks set to remain and businesses will continue to face talent challenges over the next 12 months.


“It is however encouraging for our industry that candidates looking for a move still have a strong preference for the security and additional support of utilising recruitment agencies, with 82% stating that would be their preferred method of sourcing their next opportunity.”


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