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How are Generation Z changing the face of recruitment in 2017?

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library

Just when you thought you’d got to grips with engaging and recruiting for the millennial workforce, an entirely new generation has joined the workplace. Generation Z have grown up in a very technologically advanced time, barely remembering life before the internet and smartphones, if at all! This new generation of workers expects more from their career, and as a result employers need to re-evaluate what it is they’re offering if they want to attract talented and skilled new candidates. So how are Generation Z changing the face of recruitment this year?

Today’s always-on culture means that younger workers are used to having everything at their fingertips, and receiving everything almost instantly. And this will continue into their job search. Gen Z job hunters expect quick communication, and a faster turnaround from job application to job offer, than any other generation before them. Access to emails on smartphones and tablets, as well as phones and even video calls means that candidates can be reached from almost anywhere at any time. Employers need to adapt their recruitment strategy this year to ensure a smooth and speedy process, otherwise they could risk losing talented candidates to savvier competition.

These young workers are taking more control over their job search than any other group before them, and this is because they want more fulfilment from their careers. Employers need to ensure they’re offering the full package in order to attract Gen Z workers: generous salaries, workplace perks and opportunities for progression are key. Though it may seem unreasonable that this new generation have entered the workforce and are demanding more from their employers, if their needs are met they are likely to stay and grow with the company – perks and training could be a small price to pay for an innovative and dedicated member of staff!

An important factor to take into consideration when hiring Gen Z candidates is that traditional education may not be as important anymore. Workers of this age grew up using social media and the latest technology and may possess the skills for the job through being self-taught over the years. Not only this but their basic computer skills and knowledge of the latest technology is often way ahead of that of millennials and other groups before them. For this reason, years of education may not be necessary for them to be able to do the job you’re hiring for, instead look more at their skills and/or previous experience.

They also know how to brand themselves online, and as so many are in fact conducting their job search through the internet, the likelihood is you’ll be able to find out more about them and their work before you invite them in for an interview. This can make recruiting easier as you can begin to build a picture of their personality and the sort of employee they could be, before they’ve even stepped in the door. But ensure you don’t make judgements based solely on what you see online as this generation know how to brand themselves and what they should and shouldn’t be putting on the social media profiles. In fact a study by CV-Library found that 74.6% of Generation Z workers said that they expect potential employers to Google them beforehand, and as a result are more cautious around what they post online.

And one final change you can expect to see this year is more pictures on CVs. Though this has traditionally been frowned upon, it is becoming increasingly popular with younger generations, for whom posting pictures of themselves online is very common. This could in part be due to the fact that you can now do a Google search and find almost anyone online anyway, so Gen Z workers may no longer feel the need to hide their appearance on their CV.

Overall, this new generation of workers will come with a whole range of technical and online skills that they have grown up discovering. As well as this they will place so much more emphasis on developing their career through additional training, and will expect to work for great companies that are making a difference. As a business, be sure to build a strong employer brand, and to offer the full package, including workplace perks!

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