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Recruitment marketing – time wasted and conflict!

Lisa Jones, director of Barclay Jones

As a recruitment marketer, you’re working longer hours than ever – according to a recent survey 45.9 hours per week – longer than your sales colleagues (oh my!)

  • Many of you would love to just have UNINTERRUPTED TIME to be able to deliver your roles.
  • 62% are sick of “wasteful meetings”.
  • And 98% of you have conflict at work most days.

Working as a recruitment marketer – akin to working in a manic war zone?
Well - not quite! But it may feel like it sometimes.

Being a recruitment marketer – unhealthy?

Marketers in recruitment suffer from tactics overload (lots of stuff to do) and not enough strategy / goals (business/sales-led outcomes).

I work with recruitment marketers to overcome this and ensure ROI and value, and that’s why I also run recruitment marketing workshops with BlueSky (every 6 months – one north/one south)

Now – I’m not suggesting that if you attend, Tracey and I will don our nurse’s outfits and say “there, there”! But we will be on hand to give you a 6-hour full treatment, which will include help with:

1. Improved leads and sales
2. Increased attraction and engagement with awesome content
3. Reduced time wastage with tech hacks
4. Generating PR - get that brand out there!
5. Creating a strategy

All of which should reduce conflict, improve time usage and increase ROI.

Check out these 5 reasons why you should attend below - or treat your recruitment marketer to this must-attend workshop by clicking here.

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