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RI's accountant takes on 120km Rwanda charity cycling challenge

RI’s head accountant, Steven Case of Finance Box, will be cycling 120km in Rwanda on 18th May to raise funds for Compassion UK’s Child Development Programme.


Case (pictured) is hoping to raise £25,000 by completing the challenge in Rwanda (also known as the country of 1000 hills!), and is currently clocking up 50km every training session as part of an ‘official’ 16-week training programme, with the aim of reaching the full 120km distance by May.


Case signed up for the cycling challenge through 4MUK, which run extreme outdoor activity events and support various charitable objectives around the world in areas of extreme poverty or injustice.


4MUK set an individual fundraising target of £10,000 per person, but Case said he would do his best to smash this with £25,000 in donations.


Compassion UK’s Child Development Programme supports tens of thousands of children and families through local community support and sustainable development initiatives set by the UN as targets to be achieved by 2020, and Case will be paying for all the trip costs himself so that all the money raised can be given straight to the charity.


Recruitment International is supporting Case in this gruelling charity challenge and we'd really like our readers to do the same. If you would like to help us to help him generate vital funds for Compassion UK by donatating through his JustGiving page, we and he would really appreciate it. Let’s help him get to that £25,000 target and in turn help those children.








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