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Brightwork creates “Leap Day” each year for charity

2016’s Leap Year saw Scotland-based Brightwork propose an innovative new use for February 29th: All of its 70-plus staff were given the day to contribute their time and business skills to a charity of their choice.


One year on, the Leap Day event has been so successful that the company, an award winner for its commitment to a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), couldn’t wait three years to help out the many charities it works with and has instituted “Leap Day” every year.


Its volunteering is co-ordinated by Volunteer Glasgow and Volunteer Edinburgh, both long established charities, which help organise and inspire people to take action to help communities across both cities.


In the case of Brightwork’s Paula Lang, Georgina Boyle, and Denislav Pangestrov, they generously gave of their time and expertise for the Maggie’s Centre – the network of drop-in hubs for respite care for cancer sufferers and their families – both in its offices and digging the gardens to create and maintain a tranquil environment for visitors


The company’s Louise Brennan and Nicola Japp used Leap Day last year to care for abused animals in the Scottish SPCA – the oldest and largest animal welfare charity in Scotland - in Bothwell. The two spent their day feeding and looking after mistreated cats and dogs, and are looking forward to carrying on the good work this year.


Shan Saba, business development director at the Edinburgh and Glasgow-based Brightwork, said, “We have some of the most dedicated and talented staff in the country, and I’m delighted that they have embraced this initiative as much as they have. Their verve and dedication are a huge boon to these deserving charities.


“Brightwork has always been focused on making the world a better place and it’s gratifying that we can give one day every year to help those who need it.”

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