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GCS Recruitment launches Women in Recruitment forum on International Women’s Day

GCS has launched a Women in Recruitment forum helping women in the workplace to push ahead and balance an illustrious career with the varying demands of a home life.

Launched to coincide with International Women’s Day, the Women in Recruitment forum has been formed on the back of a LinkedIn post by GCS’s sales development manager Charlotte Smith, entitled “Growing Business and Babies”.

In the post, Smith ponders how much talent could be “sitting at home, keen on the idea of work”, but unencouraged or unsupported enough to balance raising a family with having a successful career, or unable to get back into work due to lack of opportunity. The post proved popular amongst LinkedIn users, and spurred Smith and colleagues Leah Smith and Lisa Forrester to launch the forum in time for International Women’s Day.

Practical support offered by the forum will include:

  • A mentoring programme
  • Confidence in the workplace training
  • Personal development programmes
  • Email group for members of forum

The wider aims of the forum are to increase the female headcount within GCS, and to help address how GCS as recruiters can help to encourage women into the predominantly male sectors they work in, namely tech, finance and engineering.

Later in the year, GCS plans to host its first Women in Recruitment event, to coincide with its annual May Ball.

Smith (pictured) said, “After 11 years in this industry, I felt it was time to give back and pave the way for more women starting out, or working their way up. There are many reasons why women may not achieve their career goals, whether this is an absence of support from employers when it comes to balancing work and family, or a lack of personal confidence and the all too common “Imposter Syndrome”. We hope the forum becomes a great support to women working within our industry, but also looking to enter the industries we recruit in, which are traditionally male dominated. It’s important to note that our male workforce is welcome to be involved - true diversity requires diverse opinions, and this is definitely not a women’s only venture.”

GCS’s managing director, David Bloxham, commented, “Promoting the role of women is something incredibly important for an organisation like us to be involved in. Working within sectors such as technology and engineering, we know how under-represented the female half of the population is in the types of jobs and roles that we deal with. By opening up new opportunities for women, providing a platform to discuss trailblazers in these areas and helping them to achieve to success in these fields, we feel that this will greatly benefit the types of industries that we service and in effect boost the competitiveness of the UK business community as a whole.”

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