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ARC calls for clarity from political parties on employment issues pre-election

Following the election announcement, the Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC) urges all parties to set out their respective positions on employment issues, status and tax so that voters can know what to expect from the next government.

“Since the EU referendum last year there has been much speculation on many issues that touch upon employment, yet there is little clarity”, say Adrian Marlowe (pictured), chairman of ARC. “Top of the list and figuring large in the referendum is the issue of immigration, against the background that our country relies upon the ability to hire workers from abroad in many areas, and ten months on we are still in the dark.

“In the same way, Matthew Taylor and the Commons Select Committee are both currently reviewing employment status. As the election will take place before any report from either is available it would be helpful if all parties were to set out how they respectively view this area. This is relevant, not only to security for individuals currently classified in one category or another, but also to the development of the gig economy and how different types of individuals are to be taxed in the future.

“We encourage all parties not only to commit to an overall review of employment status and the rules that apply, but to modernise and simplify the rules with joined up thinking between all sectors. Complex definitions and the risk of claims and tax investigations based on confusing, ambiguous rules on status should be eradicated, if confidence is to be enhanced. A better targeted apprenticeship scheme would also strengthen our appeal.

“We believe this country needs a truly modern, flexible workforce, ready to meet the needs of hirers and candidates alike and fit for purpose for the post Brexit challenge. Real clarity, coupled with a positive policy on flexibility, can do nothing other than support the attraction of doing business and working in the UK, a goal that we believe many would welcome.”

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