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giant group appoints managing director of giant screening

giant group has appointed Mathew Armstrong as managing director to lead giant screening limited. This service offers the very best technology and operational support to deliver pre-employment screening and background checking.

Armstrong has over 11 years screening industry experience across managed services and technology. Prior to this, he spent a number of years in HR consultancy and has also delved into the financial services industry with a heavy focus on compliance.

Discussing the aims of giant screening, Armstrong (pictured) commented, “The key objective is to bring screening up-to-date.

“Many years ago, we saw the screening industry move from the traditional paper processes to online technology. Aside from that, little has really changed. At giant screening, we are looking at ways to develop processes and improve the candidate experience. This will allow screening to be more beneficial to clients with the ultimate aim of adding more value to the business.

“I believe giant has a proven understanding of adding value in various areas of business. For 25 years, giant has been supporting clients with unrivalled compliance -  giant has delivered screening procedures for a number of major financial institutions for almost 10 years.

“There are clear synergies between giant and myself – there is a positive focus for screening. The technology available is a big draw - we are determined to create a ‘proper’ screening process.”

Armstrong said of his new role, “The move to giant has met all expectations so far and the support around the business is great. I admire the enthusiasm and it is nice to start something where we are not inheriting any existing problems. This allows us to think forward and I believe the future is very positive for giant screening.”

Armstrong commented on the screening arm of the business, “Clients can expect a flexible approach to the way we deliver screening services. It is very important to deliver a flexible service rather than the traditional linear processes that currently exist where systems are built to deliver a set process without being able to deviate from that course. That’s fine if every client wants this, but it’s not the reality with clients often being shoehorned into a way of doing things that suits the supplier much more than them. At giant screening, we work with clients to deliver within their current processes and develop around their requirements. We want technology to drive the processes in our operations, not dictate them. That’s why flexibility is a key element of everything we do.

“At giant screening, we can design and deliver screening programmes to meet client needs, no matter how particular, whatever the industry or regulatory environment. We can start from scratch or enhance existing processes.

“Customer service has a key emphasis in the brand identity at giant screening. We are interested in that bit in the middle. We think about our clients and their applicants. Everyone involved in the screening process should receive an excellent experience and this is what giant is committed to deliver.”

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