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Talem Recruitment Group partners with Devon recovery charity

Talem Recruitment Group has partnered with Shekinah, a Devon-based charity, a local charity dedicated to supporting people in recovery or seeking recovery. This may include recovery from homelessness, drug and alcohol issues, offending behaviours or mental health.

After several meetings with Soo Brizell-Hogg, head of strategic partnerships & contracts at Shekinah, Talem has come up with two initiatives to roll out across 2017. Each is based upon this statistic that 77% of people who are homeless want to work.

Talem will be fundraising for two different schemes:

(1) Staff member: In a bid to help support Shekinah long-term, Talem will be looking to raise £10k so the charity is able to employ another member of staff part-time. The company stated, “Having an extra person working for the charity will add further reinforcement to the vital work they do within the community.”

(2) Employability: Talem has set a target of trying to get at least five people who are homeless into a work placement. The company will be meeting, greeting and introducing people from Shekinah to its own business clients. The company revealed, “Our intention is to help people out of work to re-engage in the working environment, and hopefully as a result, then go on to be offered permanent employment.”

Picture courtesy of Pixabay

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