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Morson acquires cyber security company, ESP Group

Morson Group has enhanced its cyber security capabilities with the acquisition of cyber security managed services and consultancy company, ESP Group.

The deal sees ESP become ‘Morson Cyber Security’, consolidating the company’s expansion in the increasingly competitive field following high demand and a shortage of skilled personnel.

The new division specialises in cyber security managed services for the private and public sector, including SMEs. With the backing of the Group, Morson Cyber Security has ambitions to provide multiple regional Security Operations Centres (SOCs) across the UK. The company’s current SOC in Manchester is supported by a ‘List X’ grade data centre, providing the highest levels of security as part of a proven solution that is already used by corporate and public sector organisations. The solution also offers a military grade managed service with predictable monthly costs.

Morson Cyber Security also has a five-year strategic partnership with Assuria – a software provider of SIEM and cyber software, which will enable the division to become a market leader in cyber MSS (Managed Security Services). Assuria’s market-leading solutions are used in classified Government environments across the globe to reduce risk, improve defences and meet regulatory compliance needs.

Morson Group CEO, Ged Mason, explained, “Cybercrime and data vulnerability are massive issues for organisations of all types and sizes, which has created substantial demand for cyber security consultants across all sectors.

“With this acquisition, we have increased our team with some of the cyber security sector’s leading experts and brought a tried and tested managed service capability in-house, enabling us to offer clients a full-service with robust and cost effective protection for their business.”

Morson Cyber Security offers a range of services across four pillars:

  1. Cyber professional consultancy service
  2. Managed security services
  3. Cyber threat intelligence
  4. Governance, risk and compliance (GRC)

The division’s range of specialist professional services also include vulnerability assessment, cyber strategy services and cyber threat intelligence. Morson Cyber Security’s expert team can also provide assist with governance risk and compliance, which is especially pertinent with new regulations like GDPR.

Director of Morson Cyber Security, Mark Howarth, added, “A recent article advises cyberattacks on SMEs have cost the UK economy £5.3 billion, causing a massive disruption to trading. Costs include remediation of systems, potential fines, as well as damage to a company’s reputation and supply chain.

“As part of Morson Group, we can make our proven technologies and expertise available to a much wider audience and, because our managed services provision is scalable, the potential is huge. Our aim is to combine our sector expertise and resources with the Group’s managed service-driven approach to offer clients robust solutions tailored to meet their specific needs.

Terry Pudwell, CEO and co-founder of Assuria Ltd, concluded, “We’ve been working for more than a year to establish a new managed security services operation in partnership with ESP and I couldn’t be more delighted that Morson Group has now joined forces with ESP. As Assuria’s Platinum Partner, Morson Cyber Security, with its scale, experience and strength in depth, is the most exciting new company to enter into cyber security managed services in a long time and is going to make a very positive difference.”

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