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Eurostaff holds inaugural ‘From Stress to Success Day’

Last Friday (9th June), Eurostaff held its inaugural ‘From Stress to Success Day’ as part of its embedded wellbeing program and invited Connie McLaughlin from Inner Buzz (previously a presenter at the BBC, Sky Sports and ESPN) to speak to the team at their London HQ. Having previously worked in live TV, McLaughlin knows the anxiety stress can cause and believes recruiters can benefit from being more aware of their mental wellbeing.

She said, “In recruitment people buy people, we’ve known that for a long time, so it’s exciting to see Eurostaff take the lead on this and use this information to their advantage. They can see that if they don’t have employees who are emotionally intelligent and self-aware then they’ll sell, but they’ll never excel.

“This work is what will truly take your staff to the next level, but it can be challenging and not a quick fix. It takes time and real commitment, but organisations who are serious about being the best know commitment to people means success.”

Eva Jendryschik, people advisor at Eurostaff, outlined the reasons why the company decided to step away from the phones and computers for a day: “Stress is one of the most common mental health issues in the UK and recruitment certainly can be a stressful job! Our regular wellbeing conversations indicated that tackling the issue proactively could see a positive return in terms of performance, hence the reason for inviting Connie to the office for the day. 

“We also took the opportunity to sign Time to Change’s employer pledge which commits us to continuously improve our workplace to tackle mental health issues. The feedback has already been extremely positive, with many of the team commenting that there are some ‘quick-wins’ that they can implement into their work and social life that will improve their mental health.”

Pictured: The Eurostaff team

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