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NowWeComply rebrands to autologyx

NowWeComply has rebranded to autologyx. The rebrand follows the evolution of the company’s proprietary SaaS platform to enable businesses to realise the benefits of intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA) across complex operations, without the need for seven figure budgets and an extensive team of consultants, which has been the case to date.

autologyx says RPA is already delivering significant savings and efficiencies for enterprise and is predicted to completely transform efficiency and productivity across blue-chip organisations in the next decade. This is particularly true for enterprises in banking & insurance, legal and the Business Processing Outsourcing sectors.

Using autologyx’s Think Build Connect Run capability, businesses can now apply the proprietary iRPA to complex operational processes. Specific client use cases include high volume triage of legal case matters, on-boarding new employees or customers and intelligent agent applications in financial services.

Speaking about autologyx’s fabric automation platform approach, Andrew Taylor, global practice lead at Limehouse Consulting & Strategy, commented, “We are excited to partner with autologyx as we see multiple opportunities for our banking clients. For example, being able to automate complex on-boarding processes, which haven’t been possible to date because of time and cost burdens, will enable banks to leapfrog legacy constraints to power innovative product solutions.”

Ben Stoneham CEO and founder of autologyx, concluded, “With the fourth industrial revolution advancing rapidly, businesses cannot afford to ignore the need to harness automation. Automation not only increases efficiencies and reduces costs, but enables businesses to redeploy teams to focus on the more ‘strategic’ parts of their roles that fuel company growth. Our next-generation agile Fabric Automation iRPA platform enables businesses to take control in automating their own processes to drive real value to the business in a fraction of the time conventional software approaches would take. We’re looking forward to delivering these savings to more businesses and helping them accelerate innovation and growth.” 

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