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One in ten new jobs in London tech related, Indeed finds

More than one in ten new jobs created in London this year have been technology roles, according to data released today from Indeed. The data shows that technology is the largest non-management employment category in London, outpacing roles in financial and professional services.

The race for leadership in artificial intelligence is being borne out in the jobs market, with machine learning engineers and data scientists two of the five fastest growing roles of new roles created. Since 2015 there has been a 191% growth in the number of machine learning posts created, and a 136% increase in data scientist posts.

Out of the top 20 roles jobseekers are interested in, junior roles account for 10 of them. But whilst the junior end of the market has been able to meet demand for new technology talent, there is a skills gap where more experienced technology candidates are required. Developer roles in particular are proving tricky for employers, with nearly half (44%) of the 50 hardest to fill roles being developer positions.

The growth in tech jobs comes despite the UK’s vote to leave the EU. And yet, in the post-Brexit period, the UK has moved downwards from 37.2% to 33.8% in terms of being a destination of choice amongst jobseekers looking for jobs in any sector within EU15 borders. Germany has taken second place from France after the UK as an attractive destination for European workers looking to make a move.

Raj Mukherjee, senior VP of product for Indeed, commented, “Every industry is being disrupted by software, and every company is becoming a software company. Finding, attracting and retaining tech talent is critical to business survival.”

“The software economy is driving significant new employment opportunities in London, and this is showing up the tech talent shortage, especially where developer and more senior roles are concerned. London is a great place for people to live, and that’s vital because the modern jobseeker optimises for happiness.

“Over the last 100 or so years, we’ve got used to economies where the location of companies determined the location of jobs. The internet era has changed this dynamic. We now see talent migrating to places where they want to live, which results in employers creating jobs in those areas. For post-Brexit Britain to be an economic success, it’s going to need to continue to be an attractive place for international talent to live.

"The market also needs to be smarter about how it identifies talent. Too often employers go fishing in the same, limited pool of people that graduate from specific universities. This can leave behind some high quality talent that learned their skills elsewhere. That's why we launched Indeed Prime, to bridge this global talent gap.”

Top 10 fastest growing technology roles in the UK


Job Title

Percentage Change from 2015


Full Stack Developer



Machine Learning Engineer



Reliability Engineer



Data Scientist



Development Operations Manager



Platform Engineer



Data Warehouse Engineer



Development Operations Engineer



Cloud Engineer



Principal Software Engineer


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