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Contribute to RI's 'How to finance, resource and staff your start-up' Q&A feature

RI September 2017

How to finance, resource and staff your start-up

In RI's September issue, we will be running a Q&A feature on how to finance, resource and staff a start-up.

We would like to gain an insight into how recruitment companies can go about financing, resourcing and staffing a start-up, by inviting you to answer ONE of the below five questions in 150 words or less.

  1. How should you go about gaining funding for your start-up?
  2. What does a start-up need to invest in during the first year to get it off the ground?
  3. Which services, if any, should start-ups be looking to outsource (and why)?
  4. When do you look to increase staff headcount, and who should you be looking to add to the team?
  5. How important is technology when it comes to starting up a business?

This feature is open to both recruitment companies and suppliers; comments are free for recruitment agencies.

Comments from supplier companies cost £100 (plus VAT) and this price includes a profile advertising box at the end of the feature which includes 100 words of your choice, company contact details (website address, email and phone number) and a company logo. 

The deadline for this feature is 5pm on Monday 7th August. Answers must be objective, within the word limit and come from a senior employee at the business.

Contact Becky for more details. Call 01483 740874 or email: 

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