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There's still time to get involved with RI's 'talent attraction and retention – Gen Y' Q&A feature

In RI's August issue, we will be running a Q&A feature on talent attraction and retention – Generation Y.

We would like to gain an insight into how the industry is attracting and retaining talent found in Generation Y, by inviting you to answer ONE of the below five questions in 150 words or less.

  1. What are the current challenges when it comes to attracting Generation Y candidates?
  2. What strategies have worked for your company when attracting Generation Y? (pick and discuss one)
  3. How can companies retain talented Generation Y candidates?
  4. What role is technology playing when it comes to attracting and retaining Generation Y?
  5. Should companies be changing their attraction and retention strategies for Generation Y? (if so how and why?)

This feature is open to both recruitment companies and suppliers; comments are free.

The deadline for this feature is 5pm on Friday 7th July. Answers must be objective, within the word limit and come from a senior employee at the business.

Contact Becky for more details. Call 01483 740874 or email:

Suppliers are invited to advertise their services by purchasing a profile advertising box at the end of the feature, in which you can include 100 words of your choice, company contact details (website address, email and phone number) and a company logo. The cost of the profile box is £100 (plus VAT).

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