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45% of freelancers confident about striking better work-life balance, says Qdos Contractor

45% of freelancers and contractors have stated they are most confident about striking a better work-life balance in the next 12 months, research by Qdos Contractor of The Qdos Group has highlighted.

Despite ongoing uncertainty, 71% of freelancers and contractors are either confident (34%) or balanced (37%) about their business performance over the next 12 months.

Research put to over 700 UK freelancers and contractors revealed:

-       45% are most confident about striking a better work/life balance

-       35% are most confident of an increase in demand for their services

-       13% are most confident of successfully raising their day-rates

-       6% are most confident in ‘other’ areas, such as ‘greater variety of work’ and ‘maturing my business’

When questioned on their overall business confidence for the next 12 months, freelancers and contractors stated:

-       34% are confident about their overall business prospects

-       37% are balanced

-       29% are concerned about their future business prospects

Seb Maley, Qdos Contractor CEO, commented, “The potential to strike a better work-life balance is one of the many reasons people choose to work independently. Working for yourself is not a decision based solely on financial gain, far from it in fact. That freelancers and contractors are most confident about striking better balance between work and play shows that in many respects, they have their priorities in order.

“That 71% majority of freelancers and contractors are either feeling confident or balanced about their business performance over the next 12 months is also positive news, particularly given recent tax changes and controversial public sector IR35 reform. Freelancing and contracting is alive, well and strong, regardless of recent and potentially incoming changes to the sector.

“It is entirely understandable however, that 29% of freelancers and contractors are concerned about their business prospects in the next year. Brexit uncertainty continues, and the independent workforce has long-standing concerns about how pro-business the Government actually is. What’s clear is that the recently formed Government does now have a fresh opportunity to win back the support of the UK’s independent workforce with friendlier legislation to prove to freelancers and contractors that they are on their side.”

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