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73% of IT professionals have applied for new job in the past month, Evolution Recruitment Solutions reveals

Three quarters of IT professionals have applied for a new job within the last month, according to a new survey from Evolution Recruitment Solutions.

Speaking to 1,050 IT professionals at all stages of their career, Evolution found that 73% of all respondents had applied for a new job within the last month. Go back over the past six months, and this percentage rises to 84%.

Survey questions also sought to find out what the modern IT professional values and looks for when applying for a role.

Evolution discovered that:

  • Men value salary more than women (26% of men said it was most important aspect of a job)
  • Women prioritise challenging projects (29%) and flexible hours (25%) over pay
  • Traditional benefits are the least popular reason people choose to take a role
  • Work satisfaction is more important than salary to those in entry level roles, as well as those comfortable in a management or directorial position
  • Entry level professionals place heavy emphasis on the tech stack/languages/frameworks used when making a decision to take a job - nearly five times as many 18 to 24 year olds said this was their biggest consideration compared to other age groups

Gareth Morris, managing director of Evolution Recruitment Solutions, said, “As recruiters we see more job advertisements than most, and it is interesting to see that some of the main selling points companies use, including traditional benefits, perks and bonuses, are becoming redundant in today’s tech job market. What is clear, at all levels within IT, is that people are looking for much more than a good salary in the modern market - flexible working, and fulfilling tasks and projects, are now key motivations for job seekers.”

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