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OPERA partners with The Prince’s Trust

OPERA Global Youth Foundation has formally partnered with The Prince’s Trust. The move is a strong signal of intent for the charity that was founded in 2016 by 10 recruitment business leaders and Esther O’Callaghan OBE.

OPERA, the first global recruitment youth employment foundation, and The Prince’s Trust have committed to working together by uniting recruitment businesses to support more disadvantaged young people and providing new opportunities for them to find, gain and remain in employment.

Their aim is to support 2,500 disadvantaged young people in the UK and provide opportunities for them to gain meaningful employment over the next 12 months.

Esther O’Callaghan OBE, founder and CEO of OPERA, said, “There are nearly one million young people in this country that face unemployment, and more than 71 million worldwide who through no fault of their own, wake up to unemployment and poverty.

“We have built OPERA to change this for as many young people as we can. With the support of the recruitment industry and through our partnership with The Prince’s Trust, we can help to create true life-changing opportunities.”

Diane Leeming, communications manager at The Prince’s Trust, commented, “OPERA’s proven ability to rally the support of a recruitment community that is uniquely placed to deliver tangible and scalable solutions for young people, makes them a natural partner for The Prince’s Trust.

“The synergies between are obvious and by working in collaboration with one another we can make significant strides forward in realising our ultimate goal of transforming the lives of young people everywhere.” 

Founded in 2016 by Esther O’Callaghan OBE, OPERA Global Youth Foundation has been supported by a growing number of recruitment industry leaders, including Dean Kelly, founder of Realise Me; Darren Ryemill, CEO of Opus Professional Services; Gerald Fitzgerald, COO at Morgan McKinley; and Keith Potts, founder and CEO of Talentic.

Unemployment at an early age has a negative impact not only on the future employability of a young person but also the long-term prospects of the economy, as O’Callaghan explains.

She added, “With a predicted 85 million skills shortage by 2020, there is a real risk of loss of a potential talent pool whose skills could be developed to plug the many gaps that currently exist in the workforce. That’s precisely the issue that OPERA is seeking to address in its partnerships with recruitment businesses.

“By working in partnership with the recruitment community we can address many of the practical and financial barriers that prevent young people from entering and remaining in employment. In doing so, together we can create an environment where young people, regardless of their background, can reach their full potential and have the opportunity to thrive.” 

Pictured: Young People at Opus' World of Work Day

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