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Eurostaff partners with training company, Hackages

Eurostaff has partnered with training company, Hackages.

Hackages are a Brussels-based group of software engineers who are on a mission to share their expertise in JavaScript through a dedicated training and community based program, which is now shared in other cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin, and recently Berlin and Lisbon as well. They are partnering with Eurostaff for their next MeetUp on September 21st in Brussels, Belgium.

At Eurostaff’s event next Thursday, three software engineers of Hackages’ team will be presenting their insight and experience as to why JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language around the world as well as taking the opportunity to build.

Davy Engone Nze, managing director and head of engineering at Hackages, said, “Hackages is a community driven business and it’s great to work with Eurostaff at their next event as they share the same ethos as us in terms of providing real value and content for that community of developers across Europe. We’re not just providing a training service and walking away: we want to build a strong community around the newest technologies and we want to keep that community up to date with the ever fast-changing tech by constantly sharing our expertise.”

Having held events in Stockholm, London, Brussels, Berlin and Hamburg, Eurostaff’s MeetUp program is one that is central to its business and marketing strategy as it grows.

Carley Malena, brand manager at Eurostaff who organises the events, commented, “We can’t wait to work with Hackages on this event and more in the future. We are already supporting the start-up scene and the developers working across Europe and this is the next piece of the puzzle. The trademark of Connecting Europe™ is not a marketing gimmick, it is central to how Eurostaff works in introducing businesses and people to opportunity – our commitment to a community driven approach is testament to this.”

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