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Women remain underrepresented in the tech sector but are key to filling the digital skills gap, says Randstad

Randstad has released the findings of its most recent report, which highlights that there’s a digital skills shortage in the UK and one way to fill the gap is by encouraging more women to the sector. It also revealed that the industry pays well, is flexible with a variety of permanent, contract and working from home roles and can be a stable and well-paid career.

The report also found that:

  • Women account for less than one fifth of the IT workforce in the UK.
  • One in 40 London tech companies have an all-male workforce.
  • Just 9% of females graduating from IT degrees go on to an IT career compared to 26% of male IT graduates.
  • Only one in twenty IT job applicants are women
  • Men within the IT sector are twice as likely to be hired as women even if equally qualified.

Ruth Jacobs, managing director of Randstad Technologies, said, "As the UK IT sector booms, with an eye-opening 50% more investment than any major European competitor, it's also in danger of running out of talent. One in every seven job adverts posted at the start of 2017 were for 'tech jobs'. But women account for just one in 20 of applicants for IT jobs.

“Today, women are still underrepresented in the IT industry. The number of working women in technology is significantly lower than most other sectors in the UK. Just 17% of those working in technology are female.

“The good news is that employers are starting to address this as they realise to fill the digital skills gap more women are needed in the industry. Empathy and emotional understanding, which studies show come more naturally to women, are really important these days because many digital products are people-focused by their nature.

“For women embarking on IT careers then the digital skills gap, coupled with an increased need for IT specialisms such as cyber security, then a tech career can be a long, fruitful and well-paid one."

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