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94% of women say mentoring could help their career, Robert Walters reveals

Recent research from Robert Walters has found that while 94% of women consider mentoring programmes to be valuable in helping them develop their careers, almost half of employers (45%) currently do not offer any such schemes. 

In addition, the study found that 18% of employers currently offer no career development programmes for staff whatsoever.

Chris Hickey, Robert Walters CEO for the UK, Middle East and Africa, commented, “When looking to attract and retain top calibre professionals, employers should not underestimate the importance candidates place on career development and mentoring in particular.

“Almost half of employers are not currently operating a mentoring programme, and one in five have no career development initiatives in place at all.

“Businesses which develop and implement sophisticated mentoring programmes can gain a clear advantage over rivals when recruiting, attracting high quality candidates who are looking for long term career progression.”

Despite 45% of employers not offering mentoring programmes, 75% of those surveyed said that they believed such programmes were important to attracting candidates.

Just 44% of hiring managers believed that senior managers would support them if they proposed implementing a mentoring scheme.

Hickey added, “In many cases, senior managers may be vital in helping mentoring programmes develop and thrive, empowering mid-level managers to implement these programmes.

“As professionals continue to place a clear emphasis on mentoring programmes and other career development initiatives, senior business leader must ensure that they support the development of such initiatives.”

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