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Eurostaff opens Stockholm office

Eurostaff has opened its sixth European office and third of 2017 in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

Dominic Galla, who has been managing Eurostaff’s Nordics operation from London for the past 12 months and who is now relocating to Sweden, said, “Five of the Top 10 fastest growing companies in Europe are from Stockholm – what a great place to learn from and cooperate with the best! We’ve had great success in delivering our services to all the Nordic countries but being on the ground in Stockholm will enable us to become even more customer-focused. Everyone is a customer to us, whether you take or provide and opportunity our aim is to make your business life a more productive, more successful and happier place to be.

“The last year has seen us hold three events in Sweden, attracting well over 500 people in the tech world. This has enabled us to build relationships with some of the most innovative gaming, e-commerce and cloud-based service companies - creating opportunities for hundreds of techies.”

From its new Stockholm office, Eurostaff will work with individuals and companies across the Nordics, including Finland, Norway and Denmark. Saman Tabrizi, Staffgroup’s managing director, commented, “After Silicon Valley, Stockholm has the most Unicorn start-ups in the world so it’s natural Eurostaff should be there. We want to be part of the communities we work with and basing ourselves in Sweden to serve our customers across the Nordics allows us to do that most effectively.

“2017 has been a year of growth at Eurostaff where we have been putting in the foundations for the next stage of our journey. Following our office in Utrecht, second office in Berlin and now Stockholm, I look forward to the next 12 months where we will continue to “land and expand”. We have great talent in the business and we will give them, and any new team members, the opportunity to create a business within a business wherever that may be in Europe. I’m really looking forward to 2018 and what we can achieve.”

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