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Sniiper launched to change reputation of recruitment

Luke Pitkin and Martin Hunter, co-founders of Sniiper, are on a mission to change the reputation of the recruitment industry.  

Pitkin has seen the industry from the inside and believes that it’s not fair to tarnish every recruiter with the same brush. He says that Sniiper will be able to wipe that slate clean to highlight the value that recruiters can add to the business-critical activity of hiring.

Sniiper provides a platform which connects employers to recruiters when they are in need of external support whilst also providing a rate and review system which allows recruitment consultants to build up a portfolio of experience to showcase their work.

Pitkin says Sniiper bridges that gap by allowing employers to post vacancies to the Sniiper community anonymously. Recruiters can then respond knowing that their messages will be delivered direct to the relevant hiring manager. Hiring managers assess the applications they have received and decide who they think will be best suited to support them at which point Sniiper will connect the two parties.  

Pitkin (pictured left with Jack Parsons) commented, “We want to see everyone thrive in their career.

“We believe Sniiper achieves this in 3 ways: 

  1. We help employers find the right people and see their teams grow positively whilst reducing the time it takes to find that person.
  2. We ensure candidates get access to all the opportunities in the market to ensure they find the correct role where they will thrive.
  3.  We increase the connections recruiters have to ensure they can find the perfect role for the candidates they support so they also thrive in their role as a consultant.

“We genuinely believe Sniiper can facilitate everyone in their career and help them thrive in their 50 years of employment.”

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