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Retain, Retrain, Redeploy: A fresh approach to the candidate journey

Jamie Reynolds, managing director of PMP Recruitment

For very good reason, January is often considered the bleakest month of the year. As the holiday festivities become nothing but a distant memory, many people will be feeling the effects of abandoned New Year’s resolutions and the cold and wet weather. In fact, January is also home to Blue Monday, which is considered ‘the most depressing day’ in the annual calendar.

The first month of the year is also a challenging period for my team at PMP Recruitment, who spend considerable time closely analysing the performance of our temporary workforces based at our clients’ sites in December, which for many of those businesses represents their peak season. This is also a time when they require additional resources to manage the increase in activity across their operations, whether that is picking and packing in a warehouse, or working on a production line. We work hard throughout the year to ensure we can offer our clients the ability to efficiently scale up and down the size of their workforces as required, helping them to maximise profitability. However, one knock on effect for recruitment companies operating large pools of workers will likely be a surplus of candidates come January, when client operations may decrease in size and intensity.

As a Social Enterprise, part of our mission is to keep colleagues in employment, as well as nurturing talent and investing in each worker’s future. Therefore, to fulfil these important objectives and to help us considerately manage any surplus workers, we recently launched our ‘Retain, Retrain, Redeploy’ (RRR) initiative. The aim of RRR is to deliver the best possible opportunities to our colleagues. It is our duty to ensure that any candidates who come to PMP looking for work benefit from a positive experience, where they feel both valued and supported.

This initiative represents a fresh approach to the candidate journey that allows our business to invest more heavily in our temporary colleagues in order to increase retention. As part of RRR, we have now committed to investing through training opportunities, utilisation of the apprenticeship levy and redeployment to other sites or roles across PMP and the wider Cordant Group. In fact, some of the sectors where we currently have roles on offer include cleaning, security, engineering, customer service, administration, sales and care.

To ensure our RRR initiative hits the ground running we have emailed all of our candidates a survey, which captures their data and allows us to learn more about their working background and experience. This provides my management team with the perfect opportunity to recognise their talent and where they may benefit from additional training, as well as their overall career aspirations. This is incredibly important as we are determined to help our colleagues find positions in sectors where they want to work. As part of this, we can also record the nationality of each colleague and their willingness to work overseas in the event of PMP breaking into global markets, also helping us to open lines of communication with clients that operate non-UK sites.

This commitment to further investing in our colleagues will also benefit our clients through the creation of The Cordant Gold Standard Candidate Pool, a database of job seekers who have already been given the seal of approval.  These candidates would have historically worked within roles across our Group, have reached the end of their assignment and are now waiting to be placed in new positions.

We have first hand experience of the workers who form our Gold Standard Candidate Pool - their ethics, strengths, attitude, persona, as well as their education, employment history and aspirations. This insight allows us to deliver personal, career guidance to help candidates achieve their goals and to ensure we place only the best people into our client’s businesses.

As part of our commitment to being a Social Enterprise, we are very excited to launch the RRR initiative and to witness over the coming months just how it will benefit our temporary colleagues and our clients. Candidates will be helped to find new and exciting opportunities where they can flourish and develop their careers, whilst our customers can feel rest assured they are taking on board candidates that are fully engaged and motivated – and there’s nothing bleak about that.

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