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TEAM’s shared fee portal breaks £2m barrier

On Friday 19th January 2018, TEAM Xchange, the TEAM split fee portal, made history with a total fee availability of £2,005,110.

Jackie Torr, TEAM’s managing director, commented, “Whilst it could be argued that every TEAM member posting a vacancy or candidate to share with another member is a potential winner, we are delighted to single out Excelerate Resources from Warwick as the member who posted the vacancy that broke through the £2mill barrier. This follows closely on the heels of TEAM’s largest shared fee to date between two members, Sunrock Recruitment of London (who joined in January 2017) and KS International (who joined 3 months ago) who have successfully shared a fee of £38,500. Whilst not all the shared fees are of this size, any fee split means that a client, a job seeker and two TEAM members all end up with a successful result!”

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