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Contribute to RI's 'A year on from IR35' Q&A feature

A year on from IR35

In our April issue, we will be running a feature around IR35.

We would like to gain an insight into how things have changed since the legislation changes last April, by inviting you to answer ONE of the below five questions in 150 words or less.

  1. How have things changed for your business since the introduction of the new IR35 rules?
  2. What have been the major challenges when it comes to implementing these rules?
  3. Have there been any opportunities that have come out of the new rules?
  4. What impact have the new rules had on the recruitment industry?
  5. How do you see the rules (in both the public, and possibly private, sector) developing over the coming years?

Comments are free for recruitment agencies.

The deadline for this feature is 5pm on Friday 9th March. Answers must be objective, within the word limit and come from a senior employee at the business.

No answers will be confirmed as appearing in the feature until publication date. All submissions will be assessed after the deadline, and the final feature put together in the few days before publication. 

Contact Becky for more details. Call 01483 740874 or email: 

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